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Online Therapy
and Loss


"Working with people struggling
with loss to find meaning, hope
and a  better life again"

with Melanie Hill
Dip (Couns) MNCPS Accredited

Bereavement feels like a hole
grief journey

Grief is in two parts. 

The first is loss. 

The second is the remaking of life.   


Anne Roiphe

Bereavement: Some things you might be feeling -

You're overwhelmed by the loss and feel stuck with it

You must "just get over it", but the weight, or hole, inside is too big or heavy for that

Nobody else talks about it - you wonder if there's something wrong with you needing to

You struggle with complicated feelings about the death, such as guilt, regret, or even relief.  It's hard to make sense of it all.

You just feel scared and alone

the journey of grieving

I'm Melanie Hill, here to support you through this

This video is to welcome you, introduce myself and tell you some more

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