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          Counselling for bereavement, grief, loss and its changes

       Melanie Hill

bereavement leaves a hole

Bereavement and Loss: the struggle of every day       


             " Right now I still hear his voice and sense his presence

                  even though I  know he's not here..


                  I know all about time and wounds healing, but even if I had all 

                  the time in the world, I still don't know what to do with all

                  this hurt right now "

                                                                                                                Nina Guilbeau, Too Many Sisters


If struggles with loss have brought you here, please know that counselling is here to support you through this.

Often we feel we should, keep our grief to ourselves, or we try to.


But bereavement, the death of someone very close, or the loss of something precious or vital to our life and wellbeing, leaves us bereft and exposed to our human core.  It is one of those fundamental human experiences, probably the most painful.  A response that comes from our shared human-ness is vital and how we can truly work with, and through, the profound impact.



We work towards you achieving a firmer footing in your life and a sense of inner support. We explore how your grief is for you in a compassionate and understanding setting.  It's a collaboration that will help you build the resilience and strength needed for a more hopeful future. By exploring your feelings and experiences, we can uncover new ways for you to live meaningfully after your loss. - in whatever way you know, or discover, that means to you.  

We work through video conferencing. Video counselling works by connecting you with your counsellor through a secure online platform, allowing you to receive support from the comfort of your own home. It's effective because it provides the same level of personal connection and understanding as in-person sessions, with the added convenience of flexible scheduling. The advantages include reduced travel time, increased accessibility, and the ability to choose a comfortable, familiar environment for your sessions.

I've written more on this on my FAQs page  

For more about our video counselling space

please see the video on my homepage

ABOUT What you can expect from counselling with me

ABOUT Counselling for Bereavement and Loss

ABOUT Counselling through Video Consultation

the bereavement journey



I’m Melanie, a therapeutic counsellor experienced in, and dedicated to helping

individuals navigate bereavement and loss.  My commitment to this work stems

both from my own experiences and those of loved ones.  Early losses deeply

affected me: I acutely remember the extreme and incomprehensible shock of

losing a loved someone.  Catastrophes that were impossible to understand and

square with what I had known about the world.


In many ways, regardless of how adult we become, I don't think this changes that much, (although we may try, or feel we have, to hide this).  Experience has taught me this is largely because there's little opportunity in daily life to make sense of, and process, what's happened to, and for, us.


Needless to say. we really don't do OK like this.  In common with many people, I went to counselling eventually because it felt like I had to do 'something'.  Once I began, a chink of light grew into something brighter - a gradual reaching for life.  I found a way forward and was in a very different place because of it.


It felt very natural, then, for me to train as a counsellor.  For me, working with grief and loss is profoundly necessary and meaningful work.

I hold a level 5 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and a post-qualifying certificate in Focusing Skills from the British Focusing Assoc. to help deepen and expand my work with you.  I have also gained qualification in online therapy.  I have been a one-to-one bereavement support worker with Cruse for 5 years, working via video consultation.  I'm an accredited member of the UK practitioner register of the NCPS, (National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society).

Bereavement and grief counselling therapy


Bereavement and grief counselling therapy
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